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Professional Paper Series

Professional Papers are works focused on KM Practice issues, techniques and tools. They are targeted at KM Professionals who want a perspective on practice they can't find in highly visible KM outlets and industry intelligence organizations providing advice on KM.

Because of their direct relevance for practice, EIS, may charge a license fee for some of these papers The fee depends on both the length of the paper and its degree of focus in a specialized area. Generally, the fee is higher as length and/or specialization increase. Abstracts of each paper and navigation to e-commerce facilities will be found at the links below.

How Knowledge Management Can Help Identify and Bridge Knowledge Gaps (April 30, 2003, 19 pages). Price: free. Knowledge gaps and their elimination drive progress and competitive advantage. The better we are at recognizing them, the more likely the knowledge we use will get us the results we need. They are the first step in innovation. The motivation they elicit provides an important and continuing incentive for it. This paper provides an account of: how and why the recognition of knowledge gaps arises out of everyday business processing and decision making; how knowledge gaps are closed through successful performance of knowledge processes (knowledge production and knowledge integration); and how Knowledge Management can help to enhance problem recognition, as well as other aspects of knowledge processing such as creating tentative solutions, and testing and evaluating them. The paper uses case examples and also recommends Knowledge Management techniques and initiatives for enhancing critical aspects of knowledge processing.

Smart Enterprise Suites and Enterprise Information Portals (April 30, 2003). Price:  free. Both Hummingbird’s introduction of "Enterprise Management Information System" (EMIS), and Gartner’s introduction of "Smart Enterprise Suite" seem to imply that the day of the portal is done. Or at least that the portal is passť and that the frontier of IT has shifted to a new class of integrated information management applications distinguished by bringing together at least current portal, content management, and collaboration functionality. As Gartner says: "By 2004, smart enterprise suites will emerge as an aggregation of the functionality offered today by portals, team collaboration support and content management (0.8 probability)." This paper analyzes the view that portals will be replaced by smart enterprise suites and develops an alternative prediction about the future of the portal space.

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