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Have You Seen the KMCI Knowledge Management Certificate/K-STREAM™ Methodology Workshop?


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orangebull.jpg (1405 bytes)  EIS offers open enrollment courses on Knowledge Management in collaboration with the Knowledge Management Consortium International (KMCI). These include:

  • the KMCI Knowledge and Innovation Manager KM Certificate Program/K-STREAM™ Methodology five-day Workshop, and

  • the Reducing Risk By Killing Your Worst Ideas,

  • The New Knowledge Management, and

  • The Open Enterprise One-Day Workshops.

In addition, EIS and KMCI offer the KMCI Distance Learning Program currently offering 14 One-Day synchronous, real-time, Distance learning Workshops These workshops are the most comprehensive in the marketplace in their areas of concentration and provide the outlook of The New Knowledge Management (TNKM).

TNKM has already produced:

- A framework for viewing change in Knowledge Management

- A Unified Theory of Knowledge

- A Reference Model for Knowledge Management

- The Knowledge Life Cycle and Its Origins in psychology, social networks, and oganizational learning

- A more comprehensive knowledge conversion model than the SECI model

- A new Perspective on the Role of Culture in KM

- A Framework of KM Activities

- A normative model called The Open Enterprise

- The Sustainable Innovation approach to KM

- A new Taxonomy For Intellectual Capital Introducing Social Innovation Capital

- New KM Value Propositions

- A framework for KM and knowledge processing metrics

- The Enterprise Knowledge Portal, and

- K-STREAM™ Methodology

Don't get left behind while others get training in Knowledge Management. Remember that these programs are team-taught by the two instructors with the most combined experience in Big 4 consulting, University Teaching and Research, as well as the most extensive publication record among instructors in any KM Programs offered currently.

Enroll Now! See the KMCI web site for scheduling, pricing, testimonials, and other details. If you have questions about the programs you can call Joe Firestone at (703) 461-8823.

orangebull.jpg (1405 bytes) EIS also offers customized courses to business and government organizations on a contract basis. Joseph M. Firestone, Ph.D. author of Enterprise Information Portals and Knowledge Management (KMCI Press/Butterworth Heinemann, 2003), and Co-author of Key Issues in the New Knowledge Management, KMCI Press/Butterworth Heinemann, 2003 and The Open Enterprise: Building Business Architectures for Openness and Sustainable Innovation, KMCI Online Press, 2003, is the EIS instructor in all classes.



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