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orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) EIS and KMCI are proud to announce the release of a new White Paper co-authored by Richard A. Vines of project Lessons - Strategic Solutions of Melbourne Australia and KMCI CEO and Director of CKIM Training, Joseph M. Firestone, entitled:

"Interoperability and the Exchange of Humanly Usable Digital Content Across a Global Economy."

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) EIS announces the publication of Knowledge Management and Reducing Risk: A Business Fable: Kill Your Worst Ideas Before They Kill You, London, UK: Ark Group, 2008. KM and Reducing Risk outlines an approach to Reducing the Risk of Error in Decision Models. It uses the business fable dialog form to cover:

  • What Risk Is and how You Reduce It

  • What Knowledge Is

  • Seeking, Recognizing, and Formulating Problems

  • Making New Solutions

  • Killing Your Worst Ideas

  • Deciding on What Risks To Reduce

  • Developing Processes and Systems for Reducing Risk, and

  • Twelve Months Later

You'll find more details and links to a table of contents here.

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) EIS and the Adaptive Metrics Center (AMC) are proud to announce the release of three related publications on the Adaptive Scorecard. These are:

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) EIS and the Adaptive Metrics Center (AMC) are proud to announce the release of its first report and also its first risk intelligence report: Risk Intelligence Metrics: An Adaptive Metrics Center Industry Report.

Information about the report and other components of the Report Bundle is available here.

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) EIS and the Adaptive Metrics Center collaborate on two new training workshops: the three-day Certificate Workshop in Adaptive Scorecard Metrics (CASM™); and the three-day Certificate Workshop in Risk Intelligence Metrics (CRIM™).

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) EIS and KMCI collaborate to deliver three one-day Certificate Workshops on:

kstream1.jpg (19006 bytes)

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) EIS, Macroinnovation, and KMCI collaborate to introduce KMCI's new KM Strategy and Methodology (K-STREAM™) emphasis in introductory CKIM Workshop.  Details.   . .

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) EIS introduces new blog site "All Life Is Problem Solving", with frequent papers available for downloading.

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) EIS, Macroinnovation, and KMCI collaborate on "Corporate Epistemology: Competing Philosophies of Truth and How They Influence Knowledge Management" A new Downloadable Presentation relating epistemology to both KM and Risk Management.

Recent Articles by Joe Firestone

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) “On Doing Knowledge Management,” Knowledge Management Research and Practice 6 (2008), 13–22

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) “Part II – Lack of agreement on knowledge processing and knowledge metrics,” Inside Knowledge, 12, no. 1 (February 2008), 5.

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) “Part I -- State of KM: Growing but lacking agreement,” Inside Knowledge, 11, no. 4 (January 2008), 5.

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes)  (See the Blog "All Life Is Problem Solving" for 30 recent short papers on KM foundations, Strategy, "The Poverty of Communitarianism", Storytelling, KM Methodology, Governance, The Knowledge Life Cycle and other topics)

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) “What Every Information Manager Should Know about Data Mining,” Information Management Journal, 39, no. 5 (September-October, 2005), 47-52

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes)
Guest Editor (with Mark W. McElroy), The Learning Organization, 12, no. 2 (April, 2005).

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) "Has KM Been Done?" (with Mark W. McElroy), The Learning Organization, 12, no. 2 (April, 2005), 105-111.

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) Award-winning article: "Doing Knowledge Management" (with Mark W. McElroy), The Learning Organization, 12, no. 2 (April, 2005), 189-212, Pre-publication version of Emerald Literati Network 2006 Outstanding Paper Award for this Journal.

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) "The Partners HealthCare Case for Improved KM" (with Mark W. McElroy), KM Review, 8, no. 1 (March - April, 2005), 6-7

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes)
"Viewpoint: Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management: The Relationship" The Learning Organization, 11, no. 2 (2004,) 177-184.

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) "The New Knowledge Management, The Open Enterprise, and Knowledge Technology," KTWeb, September, 2003.

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) "The New Knowledge Management: A Paradigm and Its Problems," KTWeb, August, 2003.

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) (with Mark W. McElroy), "The New Knowledge Management," Knowledge Management, 6, no. 10 (June, 2003), 12-16.

Books by Joe Firestone

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) The Open Enterprise Excerpt, KMCI Online Press, 2003 (with Mark McElroy)

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) Key Issues the New Knowledge Management, KMCI Press/Elsevier, 2003 (with Mark McElroy)

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) Enterprise Information Portals and Knowledge Management, KMCI Press/Elsevier, 2003


joefirestone.jpg (4951 bytes)

Joseph M. Firestone, Ph.D.

EIS and KMCI Launch A Flexible, Real-time Distance Learning Program in Knowledge Management

Looking for a flexible KM distance learning that's convenient, can be completed at your own pace, and offers variety? KMCI is offering it. Details are here.

EIS and Macroinnovation Associates Deliver KMCI CKIM Certificate Workshop featuring

orangebull.jpg (1032 bytes) Joe Firestone and Mark McElroy teach the KMCI Institute's Knowledge and Innovation Manager Certificate (CKIM) Workshop. in the Washington, DC area on March 30 - April 3, 2009. This workshop includes extensive conceptual background case studies, and K-STREAM™ Methodology based on The New Knowledge Management. In contrast to other workshops on KM Practice. CKIM will emphasize a set of core tools and procedures for implementing KM projects of various kinds. The workshop will cover conceptual foundations, the Strategy/Assessment, Decision, Construction, Transition, and Maintenance Phases of the new KMCI K-STREAM™ Methodology, as well as core tools for Planning, Modeling, Measuring Impact, Evaluating, and Tracking KM Interventions in knowledge processing and their continuing impact. The workshop also includes frequent Round Table Discussions, Vendor Presentations, and Hands-On Exercises. Enroll Now.  .  .

ftp20831.gif (3951 bytes)

 This workshop is the most comprehensive Certificate Workshop in the marketplace and provides the outlook of The New Knowledge Management (TNKM). 

Don't get left behind while others get training in Knowledge Management. Remember that these workshops are team-taught by the two instructors with the most combined experience in Big 4 consulting, University Teaching and Research, as well as the most extensive publication record among instructors in any KM Certificate or Methodology Workshop Programs offered currently.

Enroll Now! See the KMCI web site for scheduling, pricing, testimonials, and other details. If you have questions about the workshop call Joe Firestone at (703) 461-8823

EIS and The New Knowledge Management (TNKM)

EIS helps organizations to enhance their knowledge processing and their ability to learn and adapt. The form of knowledge management we practice is called The New Knowledge Management (TNKM), and over the past 5 years we have been among the few developers and first practitioners of it

TNKM is the basis for EIS's novel consulting and training offerings in KM. Visit our about, consulting, and training pages. There you'll find an entirely novel approach to KM consulting and training that focuses on enhancing all of knowledge processing, not just knowledge sharing, and that uses concepts, tools, techniques, and methodology that promise to revolutionize KM practice.

Continuing competitive advantage is about sustainable problem-solving (innovation), much more than it is about distributing and sharing information that may or may not be knowledge. We support you in developing policies and programs for enhancing the way you produce and integrate knowledge to develop innovative solutions to business problems. To us that's real   knowledge management. More . . .

More EIS Training . . .

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